It’s official, I’ve got a case of the travel bug and the only cure is more travel! My interest in other cultures began in grade school. My parents sent me to private school for most of elementary and middle school. Because of that I began learning languages at the age of 10.

Paris Trip 2007

By the time high school began and I was able to make a choice about which language I would like to continue learning, I had already spent three years learning French, two years learning Spanish and one year learning Latin. French drew me in the from beginning. I loved the accent and learning to pronouce words. I loved how beautiful it sounded and I loved learning about the culture. I continued taking French during high school and took on a French minor in college. My study abroad experience in Paris was my first trip abroad anywhere and Paris captivated me like it has and does to so many others. I lived with a family who spoke no english and it was one of my greatest adventures; a time in my life that shaped who I am. After coming home, all I wanted to do was travel to far away places and meet new people. Eric caught the travel bug in much the same way. As a kid he was fortunate enough to travel to every single state in the US (except Alaska). In college, he chose to study abroad in Australia. This was also his first time abroad and upon returning he was already planning his next trip. We met shortly after his trip and were married a little over a year later.

French Alps 2010

We’ve traveled more than we ever imagined in the last 5 years with trips taking us to France, Belgium, Amsterdam, Germany, Switzerland, Monaco, Luxembourg and Ireland, Hawaii, the Grand Canyon, California, Colorado, Nevada, South Carolina, Georgia and Chicago. We’ve had a blast and have made friends along the way. We will share our travel adventures with you here; the good, the bad and the ugly. We have already learned alot and will try and pass along our knowledge and experiences to you. For more posts about travel click on the travel category.

Ireland, 2009 Cliffs of Moher