Spring Flowers

We’ve had an extremely mild Winter. It started out crazy with snow on Halloween which gave me high hopes for another blizzard and free day or two off work but alas we have gotten no more than that little snow and in fact have gotten warmer temperatures to the point that my daffodils began appearing in February instead of late March! I’ve finally buried my sadness about no snow and am looking forward to an early Spring. Along with Spring, comes beautiful flowers and fresh grass, sunshine and longer days not to mention grilling outside and fresh fruits and vegetables.

In the last year or so, I’ve begun buying flowers at the grocery store. I realized a while back that I really enjoy having something pretty and blooming in my house. It also must be noted that I’m not good with live and growing plants. I do not have one houseplant and I never have; they don’t live in my house it would just be mean to bring a plant in knowing full well that was the beginning of its slow death. (I was even given 3 plants at my desk at work and all have died while my cubicle partner has a forest growing on her desk.) In conclusion, cut flowers with a short shelf life are just my style!

Lately, I’ve been making the effort to display the flowers with other things I can find around the house to create more of a table vignette. Not only is this extremely fun for me (it doesn’t take much!) but it also makes me feel like I live in a West Elm or Crate and Barrel catalogue. These catalogues and Pinterest is where I get most of my inspiration.

I found some nicely discounted blooms a few days after Valentines day and quickly put together this little vignette on my dining room table.

I found these pretty purple flowers:

I placed them into a beautiful purple vase that used to be Eric’s great aunt’s. I placed them onto an espresso colored wooden tray and arranged some light blue cloth napkins we have and an antique bowl filled with a few wine corks.

I also added two rustic wine glasses that we have.

And then as luck would have it, I noticed we had a wine bottle in our rack with a purple label! Onto the tray it went.

The whole displays makes me think of a rustic table in the middle of a winery in Southern France or something. Each time I walk by it, it makes me smile.

These blooms are making me think Spring, how about you guys? Do you like buying flowers at the grocery store? Or have you put together some house decorations using mostly things you already have on hand?