Spring Flowers II

It’s gorgeous outside today. After a week of a weather forecast promising warm and sunny temperatures but in reality getting cloudy, cold and dreary weather, I was beginning to think the weather people needed to be fired and my longing for some sunshine was at its peak. Currently, I think its about 80 degrees outside and sunny! All the trees in the city are blooming everywhere and its such a great day to take a slow walk, breathing in the Spring air (but not the pollen if you have allergies) and soaking up some Vitamin D.

If your yard is anything like mine, Spring flowers have popped up and begun blooming. Last week, I was getting our house ready for company and decided to take advantage of my pretty flowers. I love clipping flowers from my own yard to display at home, the flowers are fresher, they smell better and I feel accomplished knowing that I grew them (well, not really me, more mother nature, but you get the idea).

My powder room is a combination of white and greys with pops of yellow so I threw together this little vignette with the flowers from the yard and other things I had on hand.

I’m also lucky enough to have tiny daffodils growing in my yard and used them too.

Nothing like some pretty Spring blooms to brighten up the bathroom!

Anyone else using the free flowers in the yard to bring some Spring inside? I hope you enjoy this beautiful day and have a great weekend!

It’s Groundhog Day, now let’s go eat crepes!

Happy Groundhog Day to you! Living in PA, Groundhog Day is quite the big deal. This morning, I learned that Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, meaning six more weeks of winter, and I learned that the state of PA has more groundhogs making Spring predictions that I ever knew about. On the local news website I saw names of seven other groundhogs who are trusted to predict the coming weather and they are from the immediate surrounding counties. Who knows how many more groundhogs are being watched all over the state!

While we celebrate Groundhog Day today, there is another holiday being celebrated in France. This might be my favorite French holiday because it involves one of my favorite French foods, crepes. Today is La Chandleur day or Candelmas day for French Catholics. This day is a feast to commemorate the purification of the Virgin Mary and the presentation of baby Jesus at the temple. More commonly, the French celebrate this day by eating crepes and doing a bit of fortune telling. The tradition is to hold a coin in your hand and using only the pan, to flip the crepe over. If you catch the crepe in the pan, your family will be prosperous for the rest of the year. If you don’t catch the crepe, be careful!

There are many French proverbs commemorating La Chandleur and most of them talk about the dead of Winter being almost at an end and looking ahead to spring. This is sort of the same as our Groundhog Day. At this point, we’re all ready to think Spring and longing for more sunshine and fresh air.

Another reason I love La Chandleur day is because it is one of my best memories of French class. I started taking French very early, in 3rd grade. Each February 2nd, our French teacher brought in hot plates and all the pans and ingredients for crepes! We each got to make our own crepe and flip it for good luck, and then of course we got to spread Nutella on it and eat it. This was always the best day of class during the entire year. In fact, I still have the recipe that our teacher gave us that day in class and use it for my own crepes to this day!

We will be eating crepes tonight and flipping for some good luck. You can check out this post from a few months ago for some crepe making tips and recipes. So I say to you, Happy Groundhog Day, now let’s go eat some crepes!