Let There Be Light!

Our newly found motivation with household projects continues, which means my cooking has been made up of quick and easy meals and lots of leftovers. It’s a little sad for our bellies these past few weeks but so many things are getting accomplished in the house that I can hardly be upset. I promise to get back to cooking and sharing my recipes with you all soon but for now, let me show you our latest project and by our I really mean Eric’s because he did all the work while I handed him thing he asked for and paced around the kitchen.

Here’s the back story to this project. When we moved into our house four years ago, I liked the kitchen a lot. I was large, had a big island work space , a decent stove/oven with a flat top and a huge beautiful pantry, what more could a girl ask for? Unfortunately, my tastes were not the same as the previous owners and I quickly got to work painting the walls and trim. A few years later, painting the cabinets white followed and for the last year we’ve been searching for a new light fixture. I wanted something that would open the space up and something that emulated the style of the kitchen I was hoping for and not the previous owners’ kitchen. We found a really nice glass jar chandelier from West Elm around Christmas time and I began stalking West Elm for it to go on sale. Of course when you’re waiting for a sale, it seems to take forever and I think every other category on their website went on sale except for lighting. Finally, in May I got the email that they were offering 20% off all lighting and made my move. I ordered one chandelier for the kitchen and one pedant light for over the sink.

The chandelier was back ordered and didn’t arrive until the end of June. Eric was traveling for work for 3 weeks and we finally got some time 2 weeks ago to put up the large chandelier. It ended up being a pretty simple switcheroo, the old light fixture for the new one. After some aggravated words, turning on and off the power several times and a trip to the hardware store, things were looking nice and bright in our kitchen. We went from this:

Don’t you feel like that one is really heavy and large for the space? I also feel like it should be over a pool table, not a kitchen island. Here is the new light:

I love it so much more! It makes the whole kitchen feel lighter and brighter.

Next, Eric started on the area above the sink, you can see it in the above photo with the wood over top of the curtain. Eric took down the wood, went into the wall, moved the electrical wiring and the light box into the ceiling, installed the new light, re-hung the trim on the cabinets, patched the wall and then painted everything. Now it looks like this:

Didn’t he do an amazing job? It looks like it was always like this. Here’s the full effect in the kitchen with both new lights:

And just for fun, lets take a look at the kitchen when we moved in:

And now:

We keep hanging out in the kitchen now because we love it so much and I just go and and flick the lights on an off sometimes to gaze upon their beauty. What do you guys think, is this an improvement? Have you replaced lighting in your house and loved the results?

New Year, New Content

Red Velvet is evolving every day and I plan to develop content alot more in 2012 as discussed in my New Year’s Resolutions. I’ve been blogging for a while now and have been in a little bubble, cranking out posts and doing my own thing. I read that the blogosphere is a great community to be a part of but have not connected with many other bloggers yet, until a few weeks ago.

An old friend of mine started her own blog that also shares lots of cooking tips and recipes and she reached out to me. We were high school friends and had lost touch through the years, but not intentionally, life just sort of happened. After a few emails and checking out one another’s blogs we decided we’d like to take this whole thing a little further and start sharing some content on each other’s blogs.

Dana’s blog is called Let’s Meet for Lunch and she’s got some great recipes and food tips not to mention a few household topics and DIY crafts that I think you all will enjoy! From time to time we will post on each other’s blogs and combine our efforts on different cooking topics to provide both of our readers with even more content. You will also notice that I’ve added Let’s Meet for Lunch to my blogroll so it’s easy for you to click on over and check out what she’s got going on. Also, do yourself a favor and “like” her blog on Facebook so you can get updates when she posts new info. Oh, and if you haven’t “liked” Red Velvet yet,(shame on you!) click on the icon on here and just do it already!

The best way for you to get a taste of life over at Let’s Meet for Lunch is not for me to tell you about it but to hear from Dana herself. Without further ado, here’s Dana!

                        Hi Red Velvet Blog readers!

My Photo

My name is Dana, and I have known Marah since high school. She does a wonderful job with her blog, wouldn’t you agree? Browsing different blogs is something I really enjoy, and I just began writing my own a little over a month ago, called Let’s Meet For Lunch. I would like to invite you to stop by and see what I have going on! I feature mostly recipes, but will occasionally share a cleaning tip, or DIY ideas. Here are a few links to some of my more popular posts:


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It always helps to know who is writing the blog you’re reading, so I’ll share a bit about myself. I am 20-something living in the Charlotte, NC area. At my “real” job, I am a school counselor at a middle school… which always brings something fun and interesting. My husband and I have been married for a year and a half, and we are in the midst of trying to put our house on the market. Wish us luck!

I look forward to having you stop by my blog! Click here to check it out!

Dana and I are excited about working together and coming up with some great stuff for you guys in the kitchen. Here’s to great new things in this brand new year!