Is that your natural hair color?

Yes, you can’t get this from a bottle. I get my red hair from my dad. I’ve never tried to dye it and I never will. I love being a red head!

Why red velvet?

I first ate red velvet cake as a kid. My mom brought it home from a Christmas party, a slice for me and my brother. I was in love at first bite, plus the red color of the cake was so beautiful. I have had a red velvet cake each year for my birthday since then and even ordered it for my wedding cake. (Unfortunately, there was a cake mix up and they made me a white cake instead. eek!)
I prefer my red velvet cake with a buttercream icing instead of the traditional cream cheese. I think its lighter.

All I see is images of cake, is this a desserts only blog?

Nope, cake is one of my favorite things in the world. Anyone who knows me would agree with that one, but I love all kinds of food. I have plenty of cake recipes but even more savory recipes, so check out the rest of the blog and see what’s cookin’!