Food and drink go hand in hand. If you eat a great dish, you need something to wash it down. My appreciation for wine began in college. I was fortunate enough to study abroad in Paris for a summer semester between my sophmore and junior years. Not only did I fall in love with the city itself, but I fell in love with the power of a good wine.

Beer took a bit longer for me to love but Eric has always been interested in trying local breweries and I would tag along for the food. Somewhere along the way I began to taste what he was ordering and eventually began to order a pint for myself. The popularity and interest in beer has grown considerably in the US in the last few years. Local breweries are popping up in cities all over and people are growing in their knowledge of the stuff as well. I think it’s safe to say that beer is now in the same league as wine; if you choose the right one, it will make your meal even better.

Eric still has a much better knowledge of both beer and wine which is why I usually let him choose my drink.  Most beverage posts will be written by him. To see more drink posts click on the drinks category. Cheers!