Happy New Year!

It’s January 8th so I guess its time to ask how your holidays were? I cringe thinking about how late this post is but at least I’m finally sitting down to chat with you.

We had a wonderful Christmas. We got the rare opportunity to spend most of Christmas Day at home, just the two of us. We slept in, ate homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast, exchanged gifts, watched A Christmas Story and stayed in our PJ’s until the last possible minute when we needed to get ready to go see family for dinner. It was truly one of the most relaxing Christmases that we’ve ever had an given the fact that next year we will have a 9 month old, it was quite a fitting last Christmas as a twosome.

Between gifts from Eric and gifts from other family members, I got many nice new kitchen toys! Kitchen stuff is always a safe gift for me and each year I say, “I really don’t need anything else for the kitchen” yet, somehow I end up finding all sorts of new things that I could totally use. This year’s gifts included: a few new cookbooks (Vintage Cakes, the Pie Bible, Barefoot Contessa in Paris), smoked glass juice glasses, a grill press, a zester, wet stones to sharpen my knives, a digital meat thermometer with remote and a hot dog roller. Yes, you read the last one correctly; I LOVE hot dogs. Perhaps, that is not a food that someone who cooks like I do should love but I always say, I love a cheesesteak or a hot dog just as much as I love a souffle or some fois gras; if the food is tasty, I like it, plain and simple. But back to the hot dog roller, don’t you love hot dogs that are grilled on a roller better than any other kind of preparation of a hot dog? It’s hard to achieve at home but not anymore! Check out my little baby in action:


Sorry for the picture being blurry. Not only does the roller grill that tubular meat to perfection, but the entire house smelled awesome. Hot dog roller for the win! Merry Christmas to me! I can’t wait to try out all my other gifts in the kitchen over the next few months.

What about you guys, any special Christmas gifts, kitchen related or otherwise? Any ridiculous presents that compare to my dorky hot dog roller?

Since Christmas, we’ve been working and turning our thoughts and plans on to our estimated March arrival. It’s crazy to think that its only a matter of weeks until we meet our daughter. I’ll warn you again that my time in the kitchen has been much less lately so I apologize in advance for a lack in good recipe posts. It’s just harder to be on my feet for long periods of time lifting heavy pots and pans. I will share with you my latest cinnamon roll success from Christmas and I may have a cake post coming this week in honor of my birthday this Saturday.