Becoming a statistic and other “fun” life experiences

I’ve been in the weeds, as they say, these past few weeks and I apologize for my absence. I promised all these fun posts and then vanished but it wasn’t for no reason at all. Two weeks ago, I joined the ranks of many unfortunate Americans today and acquired a new label, I became unemployed. I know I’m not alone in this, especially among my age group, in fact I think I’ve lasted longer than most of my friends from college; I’ve seen them all take this label on for months at a time over the last 5 years since graduation. Yes, we all had the unfortunate luck to graduate into a floundering economy in which jobs are scarce, let alone good jobs, those are almost non-existent. Gone are the days when employers take care of those people who work so hard to keep them in business, the sad truth is that the American economy now puts the almighty dollar first in each and ever scenario, hence the enormous unemployment numbers.

I was one of these people 2 weeks ago. Blindsided by the fact that my position had been eliminated and not even given the chance to make my case.  As I sat in the very short meeting, where I was told that I no longer had a job, my first thoughts were, well sheer panic, then disbelief, then anger that this had apparently been discussed weeks beforehand by the board of directors and no one thought it would be a good idea to mention to me that my position was being evaluated, and then finally came the hurt. My pride and ego were bruised and battered, I wasn’t given the chance to say good-bye to the co-workers I had spent 35 hours a week with for almost 2 years, I just packed up my stuff and vanished.

Why is it that HR departments always think its most human to treat people like they are not in fact human at all? That is one point I’ll never understand. Sure, we expect you to make this work place a priority in your life and spend most of your time here for the duration of your working here but when it comes down to dismissing you, lets not treat you like a human, instead lets treat you like we would a computer. Shout all the policies in your face, make you sign forms as you quietly cry in their office and then ask you if you have any questions. In my head I wanted to scream, “Questions? Um, you just ruined my life 5 minutes ago I haven’t heard a word you said after, “your position has been eliminated.”"

So now what? That was the place I found myself last week. Depressed, unmotivated, confused and lost. Family and friends have been so supportive and this week, after taking time to be sad, I’m looking forward. I’ve been given a chance to re-evaluate things and make a choice to do something I’m passionate about. Was I passionate about my job? Nope. It was a good job so I stayed safe and worked there dreaming of what else I might dare to do someday but now I’ve been given a second chance to go out and do it. Follow those dreams and maybe, end up back in the kitchen where I’ve always felt the most at home and at peace.

No longer and I allowed to wallow, but instead I’m weighing my options and making the hard choices. In the end, I think I’ll look back on this time and be grateful for it. Not everyone gets a push into a second chance. But here’s to mine!

The best news in all this is for you guys. No job = Lots of time to blog! You’ll be hearing from me more and I’ll keep you posted on what’s going on with me.

As always, thanks for reading! (Oh, and if you’re hiring, let me know!)


  1. Kristin says:

    Can’t wait to hear what you are going to do…hope it’s something with cooking bc I love reading your blog and you are so talented!! It was great seeing you guys in Sat. I

  2. Jen says:

    You continue to inspire me!

  3. maryellen says:

    I want you to know that I love your blog. I have tried alot of your receipes and have loved everyone that I tried.You will find your passion.Good Luck .

  4. Patty says:

    I love your blog and your voice when you write. You have the ability to inspire many. Today you inspired me. Throughout my life I have realized many hard realities but I’ve also learned to take the positive out of each situation and I’ve grown from it. You have that gift! You WILL find another path and you will make it fantastic! Who knows you may follow several paths. This makes life exciting! Keep learning. Keep growing. Stay positive. You have a lot to offer. Enjoy the ride!

  5. I saw the link for your article through your Mom’s facebook post. Thank you for writing this article. I hope it ‘wakes up’ decision makers to the reality of their decisions and how they communicate. Recently, we were advised by a professional consultant to lower our salary expenses by ending the employment of one or more of the people working with us at Butera the Florist. Instead, we are choosing to trust God to provide what is needed for our business to continue flourishing. It is not an easy decision as business owners, but we value the relationships with our employees much more than easing the current financial pressure. I am not sure what your dreams are, Marah, but I hope God will bless you with a job that matches well to your passions! If there is any way we can help, please let us know.

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