An ode to Rosé

Last Summer, Eric and I were fortunate enough to get the chance to go on a fabulous trip for two weeks to Germany and Southern France, more specifically Provence. We have dear friends that live in Germany, whom we met the last time we vacationed there and were able to visit with them before driving South to the warm and sunny Cote d’Azur (aqua coast in English because of the beautiful water).

Eric and I fell in love with Provence, as most people who visit it do. The food was fantastic and the seafood, incredible. The weather was hot but the water was cool and the smell of lavender always seems to permeate the air.

Provence is slower than a city like Paris, people take their time and life revolves around eating, staying cool and time with family and friends. This is a way of life that Eric and I dream of joining someday (currently we’re hoping to retire there, but if life takes us there before that we wouldn’t mind!). It also doesn’t hurt that the average French inhabitant, actually European inhabitant gets a minimum of about 6 weeks vacation every year. Yes, Americans work way too hard and our vacation/sick/maternity policies are the worst in the world. Google it if you don’t believe me and then email you findings to your boss.

Back to Provence, it’s one of my favorite places I’ve been and I encourage anyone to visit. Check out this Episode of No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain, he spends a few weeks in Provence and everything he says is totally accurate, plus there are some great shots of the countryside:


This is part 1 of 3 of the show and you can see the rest on YouTube.

The official wine choice of Provence is Rosé and after visiting, our official Summer wine choice has also become Rosé. Rosé is not to be confused with a blush wine like a Zinfandel although the two varieties share a smiliar coloring, they are completely different in taste. In my opinion, a Zinfandel is way too sweet. Which is often the reason women tend to like this wine better than men, the same goes for white wines.

A Rosé is crisp and clean and dryer than a Zinfandel. Perfectly refreshing for a muggy Summer day. It pairs well with anything from the grill and any seafood choice. Rosé must be enjoyed chilled to enhance its flavor and refreshing qualities. Most regions in Southern France have a local rosé that is inexpensive and delicious. Here in the USA, I have had a tough time finding more than 2 choices of rosé at the liquor store. Perhaps, the reason is that it’s not popular locally or it has something to do with the archaic liquor laws in Pennsylvania or I haven’t visited all the local liquor stores to really know what they’re offering but suffice it to say, I’d love to see more than 2 kinds of rosé when choosing my wine.

My challenge to all of you is to try it. Whether you prefer white wine or red or aren’t even a big wine drinker, I think rosé might change your mind. So get out to the liquor store and buy a bottle for the weekend, don’t forget to put it straight into the fridge so it’s nice a cold when you decide its time for a glass.

Tonight we’re drinking our rosé with crépes. Don’t worry, crépe post to follow!

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