Cherry Mania!

As mentioned yesterday, life is really the pits right now…yep that was a terrible joke. But I am still pitting lots and lots of cherries. I spent one hour pitting last night in front of my kitchen TV (best gift I’ve ever received) and only pitted enough cherries for one pie, that means about 4 cups or so. SIGH. I really might be pitting these things till the end of the century. I have now decided that cherry pitting should be used as a form of torture. Even with my cherry pitter the process only allows me to pit one cherry at a time. Cherry pie is truly a labor of love. Good thing I love it so much.

Last Saturday I informed Eric that it was in fact, time; pick your own cherry season was underway. The pick your own season only lasts a few days, sometimes less than a week depending on the crop and once the farm says picking is permitted, you must get there as soon as you can. I saw the post on the orchard’s website on Wednesday and knew we had to make some extra time to go over the weekend.

If you live in the area, we picked at Cherry Hill Orchards, they have great cherries and a nice farm store filled with even more homemade and homegrown goodies. Eric loves the cherry cider.

After driving out to the orchard, we unloaded our containers (be sure and bring your own) and began searching for a good tree to pick from. Many trees were almost bare already but we found one that seemed as if it hadn’t been picked from yet. We quickly began filling up the large box and medium sized container we brought.

My intention was to use both containers for picking but combine them and fill the larger box 3/4 full hoping for about 5-10 lbs. of cherries. I like to pick enough for about 3 pies; one fresh pie and two additional batches of cherries to freeze so that we can enjoy cherry pie throughout the year (Eric always requests it for his birthday in February). I had hoped to maybe get enough for 4 pies this year and perhaps make something new with my tart cherries, as well.

I grew up picking cherries, each summer my mom would take us to the orchard and my brother and I would have a great time climbing the trees for cherries. This was Eric’s first time picking cherries and I think he got a little carried away. Once the box had a good amount, I told him we were done but he told me that he was going to fill up everything we’d brought. I kept saying we were done, and Eric kept picking. Finally he had filled up the large box and the smaller container and allowed us to leave.

As we walked to the car carrying our loot, I asked how much Eric thought we’d picked and he said, “I think about 10 lbs.” Imagine my surprise when we placed the boxes on the scale and it registered at 20lbs! Good thing the orchard took credit cards or we would have had to leave some cherries there, I didn’t have enough cash on me. (Sidenote: yes, that is my Zappos box, don’t you just love buying stuff from them?! Free shipping and it comes the next day!)

Each night this week I have pitted cherries for an hour or so and I’m hoping to have them all done by tomorrow…they are taking up way too much room in my fridge. I see some cherry pie in our future.

Anyone planning a BBQ for the holiday weekend? Big plans to go away? We’ll be sticking around home but a little BBQ action is happening Sunday. I’ll tell ya all about it next week. Happy 4th of July!




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