Simply Delicious – Poached Egg & Arugula

On Sunday I woke up and knew I wanted to make brunch. The problem was that our food supplies were pretty sparse and by sparse I mean no milk, 3 eggs, no juice and some bacon. As I sat contemplating my predicament and googled substituting water for milk when making waffles, it dawned on me that for brunch, anything goes! It didn’t need to be specifically a breakfast dish.

As I spyed some arugula I had picked up a day before (along with the bacon) at the farmers market I made the decision to go with a poached egg (come on, you know they are my favorite now) on top of some bacon and arugula.

It was so simply and so delicious! First, I fried up the bacon and then sliced it. Next, I washed the arugula and placed it into bowls and topped with the chopped bacon.

Poach your the egg and place on top of the arugula, sprinkle with salt and fresh black pepper. And voila!


Doesn’t it look beautiful?! And I love how the runny yolk acts like dressing. The dish also felt very healthy, even with the bacon…

Sorry for the short post today, I’m in my kitchen pitting 20 lbs of cherries:


This is by far the most cherries I’ve ever pitted and I’m not sure if I’ll do this again. Eric was an unstoppable force this past weekend at the cherry orchard. Tart cherry posts coming soon!

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